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Shortland Street

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  • Shortland Street Episodes

      PGR Blue thunder sorts Ashley out. Boyd gets a win with Eve. Sass is forced into a dangerous corner.

      PGR Harper is forced to examine her motivations. Ali and Lucy look to the future. Sass draws some frightening conclusions.

      PGR Sass is caught in a clinch. Leroy has some surprising words for Mo. Drew takes a stand.

      PGR Drew pays a high price for the truth. Lucy and Ali find an unexpected ally. Sass fears for her sanity.

      PGR Love hurts for Vinnie and Nicole. Sass walks into a trap. Ashley drops a bomb.

      PGR Sass is thrown by an unexpected visitor. Ashley bares All. Vinnie reveals he can't let go.

      PGR Finn and Esther look to the future. Vinnie splashes out. Sass remains oblivious to the danger she is in.

      PGR Damo cops an eyeful. Sass fights an invisible foe. Finn refuses to settle.

      PGR Drew fights for his love. Esther smells a rat. Finn unleashes the beast.

      PGR Sass' pride gets the better of her. Chris has a little accident. Harper's foundation is shaken.

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