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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm on TVNZ 2
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  • Shortland Street Episodes

      • Episode 6341

      PGR Kylie fears frank will be led astray. Drew's anger boils over.

      • Episode 6340

      PGR Dawn can't escape from her problem. Esther and Finn lock horns. Harper has to face the truth.

      • Episode 6339

      PGR Kate contemplates forgiveness. Esther declares war on Finn. Dawn battles her forbidden lust.

      • Episode 6338

      PGR Boyd is caught in a web of lies. Harper's guilt consumes her. Kate's shocked when Blue makes a stand.

      • Episode 6336-6337

      PGR Damo talks the talk, but can he walk the walk? Drew returns to a tense situation.

      • Episode 6335

      PGR Harper struggles with a big decision. Boyd's moral fibre is stretched to the limit. Leanne and Damo wind up in a pickle.

      • Episode 6334

      PGR Frank sees light at the end of the tunnel. Dawn's in the gun. Eve goes too far.

      • Episode 6333

      PGR Ali pressures Curtis to do the right thing. Eve gets an Eleventh-hour reprieve. Kylie faces burnout.

      • Episode 6332

      PGR Mo faces the consequences. Kylie threatens to buckle under the pressure.

      • Episode 6330-6331

      PGR Dawn needs a hero. Harper is confronted by her future. Kate reaches a crossroad.

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