Shortland Street

Shortland Street

Life goes on for the residents of Ferndale, in New Zealand's favourite drama.

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Shortland Street
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      • Episode 6717

      PG Boyd gambles with everything. Dawn takes a step towards life. Harper revisits her wild side.

      • Episode 6716

      PG Harper throws caution to the wind. Nicole puts Lincoln in his place. Boyd sacrifices all for his family.

      • Episode 6715

      PG Nicole finds a surprising source of wisdom. Boyd makes a shocking deal. Drew puts his marriage on the line.

      • Episode 6714

      PG Lincoln pushes Nicole too far. Kate builds a bridge over troubled waters. Drew draws a dangerous line.

      • Episode 6713

      PG Te Rongopai warns Kylie to watch her back. Damo tries to protect Dawn. Nicole lays it all in the line.

      • Episode 6712

      PG Chris loses his lady. Prince's dogged determination fails. Te Rongopai falls into a trap.

      • Episode 6711

      PG TK chooses an old love. Dawn seeks oblivion. Chris' world comes crashing down.

      • Episode 6710

      PG Nicole asserts her independence. TK rekindles an old flame.

      • Episode 6709

      PG Dawn makes an impossible choice. TK struggles with family affairs. Harper's heart is on the line.

      • Episode 6708

      PG Harper faces some surprising honesty. Boyd plays with fire. Dawn asks a risky question.

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