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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm on TVNZ 2
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  • Shortland Street Episodes

      • Episode 6290

      PGR Eve allows Boyd in. Leanne struggles to belong. Kylie puts her faith in the wrong person.

      • Episode 6288-6289

      PGR Damo bares all to Nicole. Deb takes control of Chris. Kylie and Frank hope love will conquer all.

      • Episode 6287

      PGR Drew considers his future legacy. Boyd struggles to keep up with Eve. Chris hits rock bottom.

      • Episode 6286

      PGR Sass counts the cost of her vendetta. Kylie struggles to cope with change. Drew goes too far with TK.

      • Episode 6285

      PGR Kate is forced to rethink her assumptions. Drew is desperate for the truth. Sass is driven to distraction.

      • Episode 6284

      PGR Damo is helpless to save Leanne. Hawks falls on his sword for Dawn. Kate and Kylie go head to head.

      • Episode 6282-6283

      PGR Double Episode: Frank fears the worst. Damo learns misery loves company. Drew's body scandal deepens.

      • Episode 6281

      PGR Ashley makes a bold declaration. Finn and Esther fight temptation. Drew's plan backfires.

      • Episode 6280

      PGR Leanne and Damo sneak around. Nicole gets everyone trashed. Ashley makes an enemy.

      • Episode 6279

      PGR Sass hopes for a new dawn. Harper tries to step up as a mum. Leanne's over a barrel.

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