Johnny and Tracey in their final therapy session.

WARNING: Spoilers below. Stream the final episodes of Seven Year Switch Australia here.

In the final, each Switch couple had to decide whether they’d continue in their original relationships, or go their separate ways. 

Here’s how it all unfolded. 


JOHNNY AND TRACEY: Still going strong 

Tracey’s high standards and Johnny’s lack of effort had brought their relationship to a standstill. 

Johnny put in the hard yards during the experiment though, turning up the romance and being open-minded (eventually). 

And although Tracey admitted she didn’t mind being alone, she realised she wanted to rebuild what they once had. 

In their case, it looks like absence really did make the heart grow fonder. They’ve settled back into everyday life, one happy little family unit. 

Michael and Felicity all loved up.

MICHAEL AND FELICITY: Happier than ever

These two had what one might call a relationship evolution. 

In the beginning, they weren’t even sharing a bed anymore. Cold, detached, stubborn and snappy. 

Despite some tumultuous interactions during the experiment, they were committed. Michael addressed his temper problems, and Felicity became more empathetic. 

When they reunited it was clear they were head over heels in love once more, supportive and appreciative of one another. Happy days. 

Sarge and Stacey Louise.


Let’s be fair, these two were pretty toxic from the start. 

It seemed like Sarge just wanted to control Stacey Louise. Meanwhile she was quite highly-strung and had trouble relaxing. 

Neither of them wanted to take the blame for the breakdown of their relationship, and in the end they were both too stubborn to work things out. 

Despite agreeing to make more of an effort when the experiment ended, within three months they had split. 

We’ll call it a lucky escape. 

Mark and Kaitlyn.

MARK AND KAITLYN: Who can really say

Despite their polar opposite personalities, and an apparent lack of trust, Mark and Kaitlyn decided to commit to each other. 

Kaitlyn stood her ground, realising she shouldn’t have to change her personality to suit Mark. However,  she still couldn’t imagine a future without him. 

And in perhaps the most emotional display we’ve seen from Mark all season, he told Kaitlyn, “you light up my world.”  He even agreed to refurnish their apartment according to Kaitlyn’s needs... 

However, three months later they were allegedly still together, but living separately...