Like any social experiment, understandably 'switch therapy' has pros and cons, believers and sceptics. 

Let’s take a closer look at what it's actually all about.

Michael and Kaitlyn are partnered up for the Seven Year Switch Australia experiment.

What is it? 

Switch therapy takes emotionally damaged couples, and re-matches them with someone in a similar situation.

For a period of time, they have a “trial partnership,” with the likeminded stranger.

They live together and experience things one often would with a long-term partner. 

Is it a real thing? 

It's a temporary, fabricated reality for the couples involved.

However, their attitude toward the switch process is generally a reflection of their attitude towards real life, and therefore their current relationships. 

And switch therapy is actually a legitimate counseling tool in some clinics!

Some relationship experts even believe it could be the future of happy partnerships.

How does it work? 

There are no real rules, the individuals decide the boundaries based on what they’re comfortable with. 

It allegedly allows the individuals to focus on themselves, free of judgement, as well as reflect on their own behaviour towards the relationship.

With the help of their experimental partners, they’re encouraged to open up and address their concerns. 

The aim is for them to break their bad habits and get a new perspective. 

Mark and Felicity play the serious role in their current relationships.

What’s the point though? 

It's supposed to help people who are perhaps indecisive or reluctant, to experience a new outlook. 

Essentially, it gives them a chance to see whether the grass really is greener on the other side.

A removal from their daily lives may help them to realise what’s important to them.

What are the results? 

The process can have one of two outcomes, obviously.

Either the original couples stay together, bringing what they’ve learnt to the table, and strengthening the relationship.


They decide to go their separate ways, based on what they’ve learnt about themselves as individuals. 

It’s different for every couple obviously, but the hope is that they're both happy either way. 

It’s so crazy that it might just work… Be watching Seven Year Switch Australia to find out.

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