They’ll be split up and recoupled with one another, in the hopes of reigniting their original relationships.

Seven Year Switch couple, Johnny and Tracey.

Johnny & Tracey

Where they met: Backpacking through London.

Their story: Together for 11 years, before separating for 12 months. Back together now, but things aren’t what they used to be.

What’s not working: Johnny’s job means he’s away from home a lot. Tracey wants to be treated right, but Johnny thinks her standards are too high.  

Seven Year Switch couple, Mark and Kaitlyn.

Mark & Kaitlyn

Where they met: Through friends. 

Their story: A prime example of opposites attracting. Kaitlyn’s full of energy, Mark’s more reserved.

What’s not working: Kaitlyn wants to take their relationship further, get married and start a family, Mark’s not sure he’s ready to commit. 

Seven Year Switch couple, Michael and Felicity.

Michael & Felicity 

Where they met: Through friends.

Their story: Five years on, they’re married with two children.

What’s not working: They sleep in separate beds, and fight almost every day. Michael feels that Felicity treats him like an idiot. Felicity feels that things need to change. 

Seven Year Switch couple, Sarge and Stacey

Sarge & Stacey 

Where they met: A fitness class.

Their story: Both personal trainers, Sarge and Stacey bonded over their love of fitness. They fell in love, and started their own business together.

What’s not working: Their relationship is all work and no play. It feels like they’re different people than they were when they met.

Hopefully some time apart and a new perspective will be enough to get these couples back on track!

The new season of Seven Year Switch Australia premieres Tuesday 21 November, 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.