Let’s revisit last year’s couples, and see how the social experiment worked out for them. 

Tim & Jackie

Tim and Jackie struggled to communicate on the show, and Tim’s commitment issues played on Jackie’s mind.

However, at last year’s reunion episode, Jackie revealed that her and Tim were happier than ever, and expecting their first child. 

Their relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. 

Their son Chad just had his first birthday. Cute!


Brad & Tallena 

Engaged couple Brad and Tallena surprised us all, by going ahead with their marriage after the show ended. 

On camera, they shared a lot of tears and explosive arguments, so their decision to stay together was unexpected. 

Seven Year Switch's tumultuous couple, Brad and Tallena.

However, they separated after just fifteen months of marriage.

Lack of communication and compromise were reportedly the main reason for their split. 

“I realised I’d been sacrificing my own happiness to make Brad happy. So in the end, I had to be selfish and put myself first,” Tallena told New Idea.



Jason & Michelle 

At the end of last season, Jason and Michelle shared the heartbreaking news of their separation.

They both insisted it was a mutual decision, and they were stronger and happier because of it. 

They believed that the Seven Year Switch experience was a good one, despite the outcome. “We went back to our lives, and put all the things we learned into practice,” Michelle said. 

Recently there were rumours that the pair got back together, when they were seen celebrating their son’s birthday. 

They confirmed that they do still lead separate lives, but they’re on good terms - close friends and a tight family unit. 

Ryan & Cassie

Ryan and Cassie were desperate to reignite their marriage, for the sake of their daughters as well as themselves.

Soon after the show, Cassie gave birth to another baby girl. It seemed they were a happy family of five.

Ryan and Cassie tried for several years, but decided they couldn't make their relationship work.

However, they made the decision to split earlier this year. Cassie claimed that “staying together for your children is not the right reason.”

They admitted that their relationship was fragile to begin with, and the added pressure of being on the show didn’t help.

Ryan and Cassie are still close though. They’re determined to raise their children together, giving them as much love and stability as possible. 



The new season of Seven Year Switch Australia premieres Tuesday 21 November, at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.

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