Tracey on the bowling green.

1. Lawn Bowls 

Sarge takes Tracey for a game of lawn bowls for their date. 

Despite the common misconception, bowls isn’t only fun if you’re a retiree. In fact it’s becoming increasingly popular as a social sport. 

So if you’re looking for some friendly competition on your date, and you’re sick of mini-golf, give bowls a go. 

There are upwards of 20 bowling clubs in the Auckland suburbs alone, so chances are there will be one close-by. 

Bonus: most bowling clubs also have a bar onsite. 

2. Wine Tasting 

In return, Tracey takes Sarge to a winery where they try all the wines on offer. 

If you’re both drinkers, wine tasting is a pleasant day out.

With vineyards, you can usually get a package deal, including good food and picturesque views. So you won’t run out of things to talk about.

And you can tell a lot about a person by their taste in wine…

Mark on the rock climbing wall.

3. Rock Climbing

Felicity drags a jumpy Mark to an indoor rock-climbing arena for their date. 

Rock climbing is a great couples activity - not only because you get a great view of your date’s butt -  but it’s also an illuminating trust exercise. You’re literally tied to your partner, grounding them as they ascend a vertical wall. 

You can usually just show up at a rocknasium and have a go, they’ll lend you the gear and show you the ropes. 

4. Cooking at Home

Mark doesn't take Felicity out, instead he cooks for her in their apartment. 

If you’re not an overly social person, or even if you are, sometimes a night in is the perfect alternative.

With a little effort, you can create a nice atmosphere without leaving the house. And it’s quieter and more intimate. 

Cooking for your date is also a no-fail way to impress them. If you’re not a good cook, don’t worry, chances are they’ll still admire you for trying. 

Johnny treats Stacey-Louise like a princess.

5. Fancy Dinner

Johnny takes a reluctant Stacey-Louise out for a meal at an upmarket restaurant.  

Okay so maybe this one isn’t quite so unique. However, it could be an opportunity to experience a new atmosphere and try different cuisine together. 

Everybody loves dressing up and pretending to live the high life.

If you’re feeling really fancy, hire a nice car and pick your date up in style.

6. Couples Massage 

Stacey-Louise’s idea of a good time is a little pampering, and Johnny is pretty impressed. 

Nothing says “romantic” like partial nudity, oiled-up skin and scented candles. 

It may be a little familiar for a first date, but if you’re comfortable enough around each other then give it a go!

You’ll feel indulgent, not to mention relaxed and revived.

Kaitlyn and Michael preparing for their swim.

7. Mermaid Swimming Class 

Kaitlyn openly admits that she wants to be a mermaid, so her date of choice isn't that surprising. We are, however, quite surprised by Michael’s enthusiasm about being a merman. 

Yes, mermaid swimming is a real thing. You strap on a tail, dive into a pool, and have a whale of a time, so to speak.  

The new swimming style is taking off in the States, with several academies popping up that are dedicated solely to the “sport.”  

It hasn’t really hit our shores yet, but you can buy your mermaid tail swimming fins online. So with summer just around the corner, there’s no reason not to give it a go. 

Health benefits include increased fitness and muscle toning, while also embracing your inner goddess and potentially realising a childhood fantasy. 

8. Wellness Class + Colonic Irrigation

Okay so this one’s definitely not for everyone. We were cringing just as much as Kaitlyn, when health-conscious Mike took her to have a clean-out (mentally and physically). 

The first part, the yoga and wellness class, seemed relatively pain-free. The procedure that came next though, was (unsurprisingly) awkward.   

We’re all for being healthy and feeling good and experiencing new things, but sitting next to a stranger with the contents of your bowels floating past seems a tad too familiar.

Although, if you're looking to skip the formalities and break down the boundaries, it's an idea... 

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