Hugo Weaving in Seven Types Of Ambiguity.

The latest psychological drama from Australia is not so much a whodunit, but a ‘whydunit’. 

Following the abduction of Sam, a seven-year-old boy and son of Joe and Anna Marin, Seven Types Of Ambiguity is based on the novel of the same name by Elliot Perlman.

In the first minutes of the series, Sam’s disappearance plays out with the horror and tension all too clear in the distraught faces of his mum and dad. 

But it’s not about who took Sam - that question is answered early on in the episode. It’s about the motivations of the person who took him.

Who is he? How is he connected to Joe and Anna? And why did he do it?

These questions will be answered over six episodes, each focusing on a different character in the story, each with their own secrets.

Alex Dimitriades (Underbelly) as Joe, Leeanna Walsman (Cleverman) as Anna, Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga) as the mysterious Simon, and Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings) as psychiatrist Alex are some of the key players whose lives are laid bare over the course of the series. 

It’s a psychologically complex drama with a compelling mystery – but it’s the superb cast that makes Seven Types Of Ambiguity unmissable.