Lucas de Jong

Lucas de Jong was described as one of Seven Sharp’s “bright young reporters” by Lucas de Jong.

Educated on the streets of Ōpōtiki with supplementary spelling lessons at Waikato University, he started in television on great TV shows like Breakfast and 1 News. For four years Lucas worked in London and Singapore for the BBC, where they found his Kiwi accent both quaint and hysterical. In the end he decided he missed jandals at weddings and barbequing so much that he came home.

He’s been on Seven Sharp since 2016, where his co-workers lovingly call him “the youthful tale-teller,” “a less-successful Jack Tame” and “the only person young enough to solve computer problems.” His favourite stories are the ones that get him sweating or scared. Or both.

Lucas owes his minimal success to an unwarranted supply of confidence and charisma. In his spare time he enjoys teasing Tim Wilson about old age, working in his possibly one day award-winning garden and showing people pictures of his daughter -- but only if they ask to see some first.

Lucas de Jong. Reporter. Husband. Dad. Gardener. Good as Fulla.

Carolyn Robinson

I'm the CEO of Seven Sharp Records. More on that shortly.. But let's go back.

The first time I worked in a newsroom - was right here at TVNZ Auckland - around twenty years ago. A lot has changed since then. I did the overnight shift on the news desk. Part of my job was to phone all the police stations around the country to see if anything interesting was happening.  Once there was a nose-to-tail in Marton.

Fast foward two decades and I'm working for Seven Sharp, and doing a story on an American Zombie movie being filmed in Northland. I interviewed the big players and clearly made an impression, as I was immediately asked to be an undead extra. Straight-to-DVD success. You're welcome.

I am lucky enough to do all kinds of stories. I love meeting people and hearing their tales of triumph and struggle. It's a real privelege. My favourite stories are music stories. And not just with artists who've 'made it.' I'm utterly fascinated by how a chord can make the hairs on my arm, and yours, stand on end. We set up Seven Sharp Records to be able to profile young Play It Strange musicians. It's the most rewarding part of my job. I have a Seven Sharp Records cap on right now while I write this. Most afternoons I can be found in an edit suite having a dance-off with the team, just to check we're all 'feeling' the story.

I work with amazing people. And with Tim Wilson - on whom I keep a quotes file. Latest quote: "Caro - you need to go to Trade Me Jobs and type in "Dreamer."

I live in semi-rural Auckland with my family who all know the words to Rupert Holmes'  "Pina Colada."

Boom. Mic drop...(see what I did there?) Record Producer Out!

Tim Wilson

Most sensible people avoid arguments, but Tim Wilson isn’t known for always being sensible.

During his time on Seven Sharp he has wrestled Bushwacker Luke (a draw, okay… maybe not a quite draw), dived off a high diving board, and interviewed superstar Khalid. Before Seven Sharp, he sold things. Before that he was the US Correspondent for TVNZ, based in New York. And before that? Well, almost no-one knows what the 19th century was like, and we are the happier for it.

Much of his time nowadays is spent begging his colleague Lucas to shave and dress properly, but in between that he does pieces that are both serious and silly for the show. He really enjoys doing both, and is grateful for the privilege of working with such a creative, ferocious and freewheeling group of people.


Tamati Rimene-Sproat

A bit about me:


Māori and NZ European.

Brown eyes.

Black Hair.


85-90kg (depending on the season)

Māori Tattoo on left forearm.

Very thick and disturbing moustache on top lip.  


My Career:

Child Star: 1993 - Current


What I get up to in my spare time:

I am passionate about my moustache, my māoritanga and my mother. I also enjoy hunting, fishing and having some bants.


Arrun Soma

Arrun wishes he was the lead hunk in a blockbuster Bollywood film - instead he settled on a mediocre supporting actor role on Seven Sharp.

He’s recently been a fixture on 1 News, and before that he worked in London at BBC World News, and he spent a year living in Japan. Arrun’s media career started when he was 20 years old, as a TVNZ intern – holding out to get on-air clearance once his voice broke.

Arrun is a Wellingtonian through and through, but as alluded to earlier his family hails from Gujarat in India. This means in the kitchen, Arrun’s cooking comes with a healthy dose of spice – enough to burn a tongue or two. He’s also a loud and proud member of the rainbow community, and people he looks up to include Gaga, Elton and Beyonce (circa Run the World, Girls).

Arrun’s recent obsession lies in his lovable little pooches Minnie and Snow; pure Maltese and Maltese-Chihuahua respectively. He calls them his son and daughter, dresses them in haute-couture dog fashion, and hopes that one day they will become child stars – a normalised version of the Olsen twins.

Arrun loves Seven Sharp because he gets to meet ordinary Kiwis doing extraordinary things around the country – and he finds joy in telling their stories.

Rebecca Edwards

One of our reporting team based in the capital city, Rebecca Edwards is a born and bred proud Wellingtonian.

Joining the TVNZ team as a bright eyed bushy tailed intern in 2008, she worked across almost all of TVNZ’s news shows, before flying the coop to travel the world. Of course when the cash ran out she found her way back again, to her current home amongst the Seven Sharp crew.

When she’s not busy running around after an adventurous 1 year old, you’ll find her telling her favourite yarns, about inspiring Kiwis doing amazing things in our little corner of the world.