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    Hilary Helps: Seven Sharp host puts in shift at salon that doubles as sanitary product charity

    Soala Wilson knows what it's like to grow up poor, having to use toilet paper. So she started SPINZS. Hilary Barry went along to see.

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    Was life really cheaper 40 years ago? Seven Sharp crunches the numbers from 1978

    Julian Lee talked to people living in Oamaru, where much of the town still looks very much like New Zealand did four decades earlier.

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    Lorde takes on rap superstar Kanye West over eerily similar concert sets

    The Kiwi superstar's see-through shipping container was used during her Melodrama world tour.

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    Meet the senior citizen 'beer pong' players replacing alcohol with tea

    This group of Auckland residents play the US frat house favourite twice a week.

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    Watch: When Christchurch's Cup Week chaos and e-scooters collide

    It's not a match made in heaven, Seven Sharp reports.

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