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    Kmart v The Warehouse – shopping mad mums put the bargain retailers to the test

    Kmart is expanding in New Zealand as the red shed cuts staff we put the stores to a head-to-head test.

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    Yours from $2.5 million – a historic Nelson mansion full of hidden surprises

    Warwick House is 810 square metres and has around 25 rooms of 1850s opulence.

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    ‘That’s just rude!’ Kids give their brutally honest feedback about Hilary, Jeremy and Seven Sharp

    Spending the day at TVNZ while their teachers were on strike, we took some of Hilarys 27 pupils for a quick focus group.

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    The latest bizarre Instagram trend – the Falling Stars challenge

    This odd new internet challenge is proving very popular in Russia, but our own Tamati gave it a try.

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