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    'I don't use the stove, or jug' – King Country residents say they're being held to ransom by power company

    Locals say they are sick and tired of paying a hefty monthly line service fee, which often costs more than the power itself.

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    Been stung $200 for failing to register your car? The AA says the reminder system is out of date

    The AA's Mark Stockdale says postal reminders may explain why 235,000 tickets are written each year for non-current or non-displayed registrations.

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    Imaging travelling from London to New York in three hours, travelling at 2179km/h

    Rachel Parkin takes a look at how travel could be getting a whole lot faster.

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    Does the flooding in Edgecumbe hold lessons for the rest of New Zealand?

    Six months on, hundreds of residents are still waiting to return to their homes and get back to some sense of normality.

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    Seven Sharp visits a rage room, where you can smash TVs, printers and tables

    New Yorkers are lining up to take out their frustrations on inanimate objects.

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