Go back to the 90s and revisit the trials and tribulations of neurotic stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld as he and his friends – George, Elaine and Kramer – deal with the absurdities of everyday life in New York City.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Pilot

    PG Jerry is ecstatic that a woman he met on the road is coming to stay with him in New York - but his excitement turns to shock when he discovers she's engaged to be married.

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      • The Butter Shave

      PG George gets a new job after he's mistaken for being handicapped. Meanwhile, Jerry suspects Bania is taking advantage of him.

      • The Voice

      PG Jerry risks losing a girlfriend over a joke, while George continues to work despite having been asked to leave.

      • The Serenity Now

      PG Jerry accepts his girlfriend's challenge to get angry, while George tries selling computers with is father.

      • The Blood

      PG Kramer starts his own blood bank, while George works to combine sex, food and television.

      • The Junk Mail

      PG Jerry tries to avoid hurting an old friend's feelings, while George suspects his parents are avoiding him and Elaine falls for a TV commercial personality.

      • The Merv Griffin Show

      PG While Kramer puts a discarded talk show set in his apartment, Jerry schemes to play with a girlfriend's vintage toys.

      • The Slicer

      PG Jerry dates a dermatologist to help George deceive a new employer.

      • The Betrayal

      PG Elaine takes Jerry and George to India to upset a rival's wedding.

      • The Apology

      PG While George demands an apology, Jerry is troubled by a girlfriend's frequent nudity.

      • The Strike

      PG Elaine accidentally gives out a fake phone number on the back of a free sandwich coupon.

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