Bar Queen: An insult, implying that a queen doesn’t belong on the world stage, only in small bars. 

Beat: When makeup is applied flawlessly. E.g. “her face is beat.” 

B.I.T.C.H: Being in total control of herself. 

Booger: An unattractive queen - usually because of sloppy hair and makeup, or bad outfit choices. 

Busted: Messy or unpolished, a poorly presented person. 

Bye Felicia: An interjection, used to interrupt or stop someone else from speaking. 

Cakes: A complimentary term for butt cheeks. Serving cake means showing them off. Cheesecake refers to a curvy queen who serves a lot, so to speak. 

Campy: Traditional, over-the-top drag. 

Chicken cutlets: The padding queens use to bulk out their hips, butts and breasts. 

Clock: To call someone out on something they’re trying to hide. E.g. “they clocked him on that chest hair.” 

Condragulations: Special form of congratulations. 

Drag mother: An experienced queen who takes on a lesser-known, up and coming apprentice. 

Dusted: To positively take out the competition. E.g “girl, you dusted the runway.” 

Faux queen: A drag queen who was actually born a biological female. 

Fishy: When someone is a very convincing/feminine drag queen. 

Flipper:  False teeth, which queens wear to give an illusion of perfection. 

The Five Gs: Good God, get a grip girl! 

Ghetto: Something (or someone) considered to be low class or tasteless. 

Glamazon: A tall, confident and glamourous woman. 

Heather: A particularly fierce drag queen, in reference to the 1980s pop culture movie, Heathers.

Hog Body: A queen without curves, or a particularly manly physique. 

KiKi: Gossip (not to be confused with KaiKai, which means having sex in full drag). 

Out of the bag: Term used to describe a cheap-looking wig, like one bought from a costume store with no styling. 

Party City: Derogatory term for someone’s outfit, implying that it looks like a Halloween costume.  

Pit Crew: A group of attractive men who assist RuPaul and the contestants in challenges. 

Pussy on Fire:  To work hard, or excel at something. To be outstanding. 

Read: To expose another queen’s flaws, quite harshly (similar to “reading someone like a book”). 

Resting on pretty: When a queen relies on natural looks, not talent or hard work, to get her through the competition (a phrase borrowed from America’s Next Top Model). 

Resting on ugly: When a queen uses gimmicks or distractions to get through, rather than skill. 

Sashay: A proud yet casual walk, with big hip and shoulder movements. "Sashay away" is what is said to contestants when they have to leave the competition. 

Shade: an insult or criticism, usually a rather blunt one, which unapologetically points out someone’s flaw. Also described as throwing shade

Shantay, you stay: The phrase uttered to the Bottom 2 contestant who is safe for another week. It’s a reference to RuPaul’s song Supermodel

She-mail: A video clue from RuPaul,  hinting at the main Drag Race challenge for the day.

Sickening: When someone is so attractive it literally makes the people around them feel sick. 

Sissy that walk: When a queen’s gait is too masculine, and they need to girly it up. 

Slay: To be nothing but the absolute best. E.g. “slay the runway.” 

Squirrel: Someone who hides their nuts i.e. a drag queen… 

T (Tee/tea): Short for truth, the facts.

Trade: A queen who may be considered an attractive man when out of drag. 

Tuck: Hiding certain male body parts to create an illusion of femininity. Usually held in place by pantyhose or tight underwear. 

Werk: Variation of work, refers to the runway in particular.