1. RuPaul is completely indifferent towards gender pronouns. “You can call me he, you can call me she, I don’t care as long as you call me.”

2. His net worth is around US $7million.

3. He’s 57 years old. Aging gracefully is an understatement.  

4. Judge Judy is his idol. No surprise really, as she’s also famous for her sassy judgement.

5. He’s married to an Australian farmer. Ru met hubby Georges LeBar at a nightclub in 1994, now they own a 60,000 acre ranch in Wyoming. 

6. He’s named after gumbo (his Louisiana-born mother’s favourite dish). “Roux” is the term used for the base flavouring of the Cajun stew.

7. In the 80s, he was in a punk rock band called Wee Wee Pole. And in 1985 he released a solo album called Sex Freak, a title he admits he came to regret. 

8. He also appeared in the music video for the B-52’s late 80s hit, Love Shack. 

9. He’s a towering 6 foot 4, and that’s before heels. Also, his feet are a men’s size 13. 

10. He was a spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics, the first drag queen to front a major cosmetics campaign. 

11. He’s also the only drag queen to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

12. He once won an award for Best Afro. In primary school, but still. 

13. He was expelled from high school for “chronic truancy.” 

14. He sleeps with a stuffed donkey. Yep, Jimmy is Ru’s dearest cuddle buddy. 

15. He’s a fan of drag racing (the motorsport kind) as well. Ru’s a petrolhead from way back, and was obsessed with hot rods as a kid. 

16. He was in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people last year. 

17. His middle is name Andre Charles.

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