Emma and Daniel (played by Like McGregor and Celia Pacquola)

It's a sleepy rural settlement in Tasmania, full of quirky characters and small-town charm.

Although Rosehaven probably won’t be next on your bucket list, you’ll fall in love with the place anyway. 

Here’s why.

It sets the scene for a series that is sweet without being too sentimental or cliché. 

Daniel McCullum (Luke McGregor) grew up in Rosehaven, and he moves home to help out when his mum needs surgery. 

Daniel is socially awkward, unconvincingly self-important, and he was bullied by the locals as a child. 

Now he’s hoping to prove he’s made it big, by cleaning up the family real estate business (with the support of his friend Emma, and some self-help audiobooks). 

The real selling point for the show though is the character relationships. 

Emma (Celia Pacquola) shows up on Daniel’s doorstep the night he arrives, and sets up camp. 

Her husband left her while they were on their honeymoon in Bali, and she calls on her best mate Daniel to get her out of her pickle. 

Together, they navigate the outrageous ups and down of their new hometown. 

Daniel and Emma

Daniel and Emma have one of television's best non-romantic relationships.

They understand each other, make fun of each other, and complement each other. Their dynamic is hilariously enchanting to watch.

Daniel’s downtrodden cynicism is perfectly matched by Emma’s perpetual brightness, even when things are looking bleak for them both.

Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola are comedians and best friends in real life. They wrote and created the show together, and their authenticity is obvious.  

Anybody who has a friend that knows them inside out will be able to relate.  

Daniel’s relationship with his no-nonsense mother is also entertaining. Played by Kris McQuade (Wentworth), Barbara McCullum is as straight up as they come, and she greets her long-absent son with a touch of disdain.

His interactions with his ex-girlfriend Grace, and the elderly receptionist in the real-estate office are also delightfully cringe-worthy.  

The locals in Rosehaven are all quick to assume Daniel “couldn’t hack it” in the big smoke. Seems like he’s got a long way to go before he earns their respect.

Hopefully Emma will stick around to help things along. 

You can stream the first two season of Rosehaven, right here from Friday 11 May.