1. It features the most diverse cast you’ll ever see in an Australian drama. It gives a voice to minority groups, and stomps on stereotypes, literally. 

2. It’s multi-layered.  Unlike the original movie that only focused on neo-Nazis, the remake also includes a far-left anti-fascist group, the Lebanese locals caught in the middle, and the local law enforcement scrambling for order. 

3. It’s a complex, fast-moving story. The battle lines are drawn from the first few moments, and there’s fresh revelations in every episode.  

4. It approaches a controversial issue, head on.  It holds a mirror to the uglier facets of suburban society. You’ll witness conflicting perspectives, regardless of where you stand. 

5. There are snippets of humour and warmth. Despite the deliberately, hauntingly dark premise. These moments are a welcome reprieve from the violence. 

6. It has a dystopian feel, even though it’s present day. With its extremist groups, all believing that their cause is the “right” one, fighting each other for a “better world.”

7. The leading man is terrifyingly brilliant.  Newcomer Toby Wallace pulls off the perfect anti-hero with his solemn, mysterious demeanour.  You'll want to hate him, but you'll also want to understand him. 

8. You don’t have to see the original film to understand the series. It's a sequel to the '92 film that launched Russell Crowe's career. The premise is the same, but it's 25 years later - the plot and most of the characters are reimagined. But if you have seen the film, you'll notice some intruguing connections and similarities... 

You can stream the full season of Romper Stomper right here, from Thursday 1 March.