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New Zealand’s favourite flavours of Fresh comedy are presented on a new Poly-platter in Re-Fresh – a new series that celebrates the spirit of the Pacific! Enjoy old favourites and new surprises in an energetic lolly scramble of the most popular Fresh comedy over the seasons.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Saturday 17 Nov 2018

    G New Series: Time for a REFRESH! Fortune Tala is sought out to read the fortunes of Nainz from Adeaze, Cindy of Samoa and more. Will she read their destiny or only add worry to the world?

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      • Saturday 2 Feb

      G Season Finale: Last but not least, Max and Dazz return after a trip down memory lane to put their scientific knowledge to the test.

      • Saturday 26 Jan

      G The best of Fresh! The funniest and most fab moments in Poly comedy, snack packed into the penultimate episode of Re-fresh.

      • Saturday 19 Jan

      G The best of the contestants battle it out for the ultimate island title and the Panis bring back the lavalavas to test out the new talent in town in Mr Lavalava Nights.

      • Saturday 12 Jan

      G Re-fresh revives the lavalavas in Mr. Lavalava. The Panis venture out to the Pacific to find the ultimate island warrior.

      • Saturday 5 Jan

      G The housewives unite under disastrous circumstances and Madonna and Lei flip the script to welcome their new neighbour Harmony.

      • Saturday 29 Dec 2018

      G There's a new housewife in town and she comes with a new house-husband. The Fresh Housewives of South Auckland struggle to contain their excitement.

      • Saturday 22 Dec 2018

      G The Fresh Housewives of South Auckland Re-fresh your breath as Madonna comes close to meeting the love of her life and Lei is always ready to pick up the pieces.

      • Saturday 15 Dec 2018

      G The infamous Fresh Housewives of South Auckland bring the drama with their broken relationships and broken English.

      • Saturday 8 Dec 2018

      G Love is in the air on RE-FRESH! The mamas reunite to meet the man of their dreams but there can only be one lover.

      • Saturday 1 Dec 2018

      G The mamas are back in the mix causing mayhem. From the field to the church, no tree is big enough to battle the shade these mamas are about to throw. And it's the wedding of the year, but the mums can't help themselves.

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