Raw Recruits

Raw Recruits

45 teenagers embark on a unique and intensive military training course, spending 23 weeks being transformed from civilians into Britain’s youngest soldiers.

Raw Recruits
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Wednesday 16 Oct 2019
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    ML 45 British teenagers begin their army training in Harrogate. They're leaving their civilian lives behind and taking on the challenge to become Britain's youngest soldiers.

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      • Wednesday 4 Mar

      16L 43 teenagers begin the course at the Army Foundation College. The recruits are expected to be up and on parade by 6am every morning. They won't have a day off for 6 weeks - and they are cut off from family, friends and gadgets.

      • Wednesday 11 Mar

      16L One junior soldier faces being kicked out for bad behaviour, while another tearful recruit wants to leave. As the stakes rise and the training becomes even tougher, the junior soldiers embark on an overnight exercise which pushes their resilience to the limit.

      • Wednesday 18 Mar

      16L 7 Platoon head to Normandy, France to visit the graves of the 4,000 Allied soldiers buried at the Bayeux Cemetery. This emotionally charged experience leads some to confirm their commitment to serving their country, while others question their future.

      • Wednesday 25 Mar

      16L For the first time the recruits fire live ammunition and are pushed way beyond their comfort zone to use a bayonet in a one-to-one combat exercise. If they don't make the grade, they won't graduate.

      • Wednesday 1 Apr

      16L The soldiers of 7 Platoon face a fortnight of tactical exercises in the wilderness for their final stage of training. They have to ambush an enemy patrol during their first night-time mission and complete a gruelling 6 mile TAB.

      • Wednesday 8 Apr

      16L Season Finale: The Junior Soldiers of 7 Platoon are now Privates in the British Army and dispersed across the length and breadth of the UK to join their chosen regiments. Now, they must learn new skills and get to grips with their jobs.