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Radar Across The Pacific Episodes

Season 2

    • Season 2, Episode 1

    G Radar marvels at ancient statues and learns how and why these world famous monoliths were formed. He witnesses the Tapati festival, which shows off the island's ancient crafts and odd competitions.

    • Season 2, Episode 2

    G Radar risks life and limb in New Caledonia when he rides a South Sea cowboy's training mechanical bull; explores Kanak culture and the desire for independence from France.

    • Season 2, Episode 3

    G Radar gets terrified when he climbs one of the world's only accessible live volcanoes; and witnesses the land diving ceremony as men leap to earth from massive wooden towers.

    • Season 2, Episode 4

    G Radar explores the rich Polynesian culture of Hawaii including the ancient martial art of Lua, kite flying and the hula. He also gets a lesson from the surf legend Buttons Kaluhiokalani.

    • Season 2, Episode 5

    G French Polynesia and Tahiti have long been seen as the archetypical South Seas Paradise, and Radar wants to know if this still holds true today.

    • Season 2, Episode 6

    G Radar discovers how a country of only 1400 people survives, goes swimming with killer sea snakes, learns how to build a traditional Niuean canoe and visits the islands only prisoner.

    • Season 2, Episode 7

    G Radar discovers how descendants of the Bounty mutineers colonized this Pacific island. He gets a lesson in yodelling from a country music legend and heads out trail bike riding with the island's teens.

    • Season 2, Episode 8

    G Series Final: Radar travels for two days to reach one of the most isolated countries on the planet. He finds out how Tokelau has harnessed solar to become the first country in the world to run on renewable energy.