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    US Ambassador

    Trump's man in Wellington, Scott Brown, joins Corin Dann to discuss North Korea and Trump

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    Fuel pipeline

    The damaged pipeline that caused so much trouble for airlines has now been fixed, but is the saga all over?

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    Food exports

    Corin Dann and Sharon Zollner from ANZ discuss current exporters' success in overseas markets

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    NZ economy and US politics – panel

    Political Scientist Dr Jennifer Curtin, Auckland Councillor Efeso Collins and NZME's head of business, Fran OSullivan join Corin Dann

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    Political round-up – panel

    Hits and misses in the week in politics

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    Extended Panel on what’s likely to happen this week

    Our political editor Corin Dann hosts our extended panel Dr Raymond Miller, Steve Maharey, Dr Russel Norman and Richard Prebble.

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    Auckland mayor can work with Winston

    Our political editor Corin Dann interviews Aucklands mayor Phil Goff

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    New MPs: Golriz and Angie

    Our host Greg Boyed interviews new MPs Golriz Ghahraman and Angie Warren-Clark.

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    Food prices: are we being ripped off?

    Whena Owen with this investigation into why our food costs so much.

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