Para alpine skiing was developed when injured veterans began practicing the sport after their return from World War II. Just like Olympic alpine skiing, it features the following disciplines: Downhill, Super-G, Super Combined, Giant Slalom and Slalom.


The Paralympians need great mental and physical strength as they run down a 15-degree slope at a speed of 90 to 140 kilometres per hour.


Each Paralympian competes one run down the course, zigzagging through the gates. They must take two jumps.

Giant Slalom

The Paralympians make two runs down the course, passing through more than 30 gates.


The Paralympians pass between the gates on the course, speeding down the slope, and must complete two runs on different courses.

Super Combined

A combined competition which represents the final result of two disciplines - usually one of either a downhill or super-G and a single run of slalom. Each Paralympian competes two runs on the same day on different courses.

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