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PURINA Pound Pups To Dog Stars

Animal behaviour expert Mark Vette helps the SPCA rescue mistreated and abandoned dogs, and rehabilitates them for loving new homes.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 25 Aug 2014
    • 17 hours left to view

    G Mark meets Ralphie, neglected and suffering from an eating disorder. Will Mark and his team be able to teach Ralphie the basics, and find him a new home?

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      • Tuesday 28 Jul 2015

      G Animal behaviour expert Mark Vette is back, helping to rehabilitate abandoned, abused and neglected dogs for loving new homes.

      • Tuesday 4 Aug 2015

      G Animal behaviour expert Mark Vette and his team turn their attention to two malnourished Chihuahuas rescued from the same home.

      • Tuesday 11 Aug 2015

      G Mark and his team step in to help Bandit a once feral dog from Wanganui, who was thought to be so wild no one could train him.

      • Tuesday 18 Aug 2015

      G Tyson is a tiny dog with a lot of attitude. His snapping was so bad the pound had scheduled to have him put down when Mark turned up to rescue him.

      • Tuesday 25 Aug 2015

      G Marlowe is the last dog you'd expect to see in the pound. The beautiful golden retriever was rescued by the pound after being stuck in the mud for days, making him extremely fearful of water.

      • Tuesday 1 Sep 2015

      G Mark offers to help the owner of a border collie beardie cross who started showing signs of being a dangerous predator, including biting a child.

      • Tuesday 8 Sep 2015

      G Mark and his team help a malnourished rescue dog who was so badly starved, he developed a very bad case of food aggression.

      • Tuesday 15 Sep 2015

      G Joe is a heading dog that started life working on a farm. But his first owner put the pup to work too soon, which frightened Joe so badly he became scared of all cattle - even the sheep.

      • Tuesday 22 Sep 2015

      G Orville was a 9 month old bull terrier cross just two days away from death when he was rescued. Even though he was just a goofy pup his jumping up and mouthing was a serious problem.

      • Tuesday 29 Sep 2015

      G Season Final: Meet Finn - a tiny pup but already a survivor. After a neighbour intervened to save Finn from an owner who wanted to drown him, Mark took him under his wing to train him up.