Camille Richard
22, Auckland
Handbag Designer

A happy, positive person, who is always looking for an adventure, Camille doesn’t find it hard to standout—her purple hair should do it alone!

Camille is looking forward to the money can’t buy experience that Project Runway will bring—time constraints and challenges she’s unfamiliar with—but she’s is excited to learn all that she can! Currently travelling through Europe, Camille is using this opportunity to gather inspiration and new perspectives for her handbag line.

What did you do to prepare for Project Runway?

In my spare time I watched previous episodes to see what challenges they had and what last minute skills I needed to learn. My family wrote me notes of encouragement, which I would read whilst on the show to help keep me positive and on track!

How would you describe your personal style and your design aesthetic?

My personal style is a lot of colour, sparkle and print. I have heaps of fun with what I wear! My design aesthetic is similar; however, I tend to design for my alter ego. I love designing statement pieces with weird shapes, sculpture, structure and organic lines!

What is your point of difference as a designer?

I design for women who aren’t afraid to make a statement and have fun with what they wear. I like to design and create adventurous, sculptural pieces and embrace bold shapes, patterns and colour.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion and personal style allows us to express ourselves to the world without saying anything. Colour makes me happy - you’ll hardly see me wearing black!

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I conquered my fear of heights by the jumping off the Sky Tower. Also, snails gross me out! I don’t know why, especially as I’m half French!