Playing For Keeps
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Playing For Keeps

To be a footballer's wife, it takes serious balls. Dive into the salacious world of Aussie Rules Football, unearthing secrets, lies, scandals and murder.

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Playing For Keeps
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Friday 8 Feb

    ML Daniel, the Southern Jets' new star recruit, arrives fresh from the country with his girlfriend Paige. While Daniel works to fit in with the players, Paige struggles to find her place among their partners.

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      • Thursday 17 Oct

      16L Paige returns home from London to find that a lot has changed for the women and men of the Southern Jets.

      • Thursday 24 Oct

      ML Maddy and Kath deal with the fallout from Liam and Kendall's shock entry into the club, and Kath makes a bid for the presidency of SJFC.

      • Thursday 31 Oct

      ML As President Kath heads into her first game and first official event of the season, the pressure is on to prove that she has what it takes to run the club.

      • Thursday 7 Nov

      16L Four games into the season and the wheels are starting to come off the Southern Jets - and Tahlia suffers an embarrassing and poorly timed scandal as nude photos of her are released to the press.

      • Thursday 14 Nov

      16L The women of SJFC are shocked to discover that star player Liam has slept with a 17 year old work experience student, and President Kath is faced with an impossible dilemma.

      • Thursday 21 Nov

      ML Pressure mounts for President Kath on the back of a losing streak, and despite her career ending injury, Jessie campaigns even harder as the membership vote for the women's team draws closer.

      • Thursday 28 Nov

      16L As Liam's true nature is slowly revealed to the women of SJFC, Kath is faced with an impossible decision.

      • Thursday 5 Dec

      16L Season Finale: In one climactic night, everything changes for the men and women of the Southern Jets Football Club.