Pacific Island Food Revolution

A joyful celebration of Pacific Cuisine awaits, in this brand new cooking competition! Across Fiji, Samoa, the Kingdom of Tonga and Vanuatu, contestants will face incredible challenges and create dishes that bring Pacific island cuisine into the spotlight.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Saturday 21 Dec 2019

    G Kicking off in Tonga, we meet the first three teams who must cook for Robert Oliver and The Princess Royal of Tonga for a spot in the country final.

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      • Saturday 24 Oct 2020

      G We start this season in the Kingdom of Tonga. The calibre of the competitors is extremely high, meaning that the pressure is on to see which of the talented teams is going to be representing their country at the finals!

      • Saturday 31 Oct 2020

      G The competition heads to Fiji where three new teams must showcase the best of healthy Fijian cuisine in an attempt to impress the judges and secure a spot in the finals.

      • Saturday 7 Nov 2020

      G We head to beautiful Vanuatu to meet our new contestants. Which of the three teams will make it to the finals?

      • Saturday 21 Nov 2020

      G We head to stunning Samoa to meet the country's first round of contestants. Which of the three teams will make it to the finals?

      • Saturday 28 Nov 2020

      G The two remaining Tongan teams go head-to-head for the chance to compete at the finals.

      • Saturday 5 Dec 2020

      G After a strong showing by the three Fijian teams in the first round, all three are returning to compete in the second round - but only one team will make it through to the finals!

      • Saturday 12 Dec 2020

      G We're back in Vanuatu to see which of the three remaining teams will represent their country in the finals!

      • Saturday 19 Dec 2020

      G The two remaining Samoan teams go head-to-head. Who will make it through to the finals?

      • Saturday 26 Dec 2020

      G Our finalists meet in the Revolution Kitchen. In a surprising twist, it's their individual mentors who are doing the cooking, in this kai class where each team will get to eat fast and healthy versions of each country's traditional meals.

      • Saturday 2 Jan

      G There's a lot on the menu today for our finalists, with each team being asked to create two dishes per judge - so, 12 dishes altogether!

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