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Our Big Blue Backyard Episodes

    G New Season: The Kermadec Islands are in New Zealand's northern-most waters, and during spring a plankton bloom triggers a carnival of life, from tiny coral polyps to the largest humpback whales.

    G Around White Island, common dolphins, Australasian gannets, and local reef residents adapt to survive the scorching, toxic conditions on New Zealand's most active volcano.

    G New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands attract roaming predators from all over the South Pacific but the resident blue cod and brown skuas might just be the most ferocious of all.

    G In the wettest corner of New Zealand, where alien ocean creatures flourish under a freshwater layer, crested penguins struggle to raise their chicks in the midst of a harsh Fiordland winter.

    G Auckland Islands: Every summer, massive congregations of New Zealand sea lions and giant spider crabs descend upon the sub-Antarctic Auckland Islands to carry out their violent breeding rituals.

    G Final: In Banks Peninsula's bays, tiny penguins, Hector's dolphins, and wetland birds experience a dramatic spring and summer as the epic migration of an ancient longfin eel concludes.