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Wednesdays at 1pm on TVNZ DUKE
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Offroad Addiction

Wednesdays at 1pm on TVNZ DUKE
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  • Offroad Addiction Episodes

      • Season 2, Episode 7

      G The Offroad Addiction team invite a couple of offroad racers to take some UTV units for a spin. They took out the Polaris RZR XP1000, the Polaris General and the Yamaha YXZ 1000R for some testing at the Polaris 4WD Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

      • Season 2, Episode 6

      G Let's go muddin'! Caleb and Paul get muddy at their local 4WD park in Woodhill Forest North of Auckland, New Zealand with some local trucks.

      • Season 2, Episode 5

      PGR Find out about one of New Zealand's oldest offroad race events. Full of fast paced action that keeps racers on their toes as they navigate at high speeds through Woodhill Forest.

      • Season 2, Episode 4

      PGR Aloha! Caleb and Paul head out wheeling in Oahu, Hawaii with Three Hills Offroad and the Damn Kids.

      • Season 2, Episode 3

      G Follow us as we journey to Omana, New Zealand to cover the Red Winch King Of The Palace Winch Challenge. This mass amount of private farmland provides the perfect playground for offroaders of all experiences.

      • Season 2, Episode 2

      G The convoy continues to the Terminator campsite where competitors get more than they bargained for when the Twilight Zone gets thrown at them early! The final campsite gets the trucks deep in the water and we see who the overall champions are.

      • Season 2, Episode 1

      G We show you the first half of the Rainforest Challenge in Malaysia. One of the top 10 world's toughest motor races! Follow teams from all over the world through the Malaysian Rainforest for some action-packed adventure.