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      PGR New Series: Hear from Helena McAlpine who has long lived her life in the fast lane, and being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer hasnt slowed her down in any way.

      G Sir Edmund Hillary was first to summit Mt Everest but another New Zealander lays claim to an equally enormous feat. In 1988, Lydia Bradey was the first woman to summit Everest without oxygen.

      G Harley Thompson faced scales that told him he was 240 kilograms while friends told him that his eating would lead to an early death, so, he went for a walk, then a swim which led to a small triathlon.

      G Soon after the first earthquake hit Christchurch in September 2010, University student Sam Johnson hit Facebook, and went on to create and lead the now internationally acclaimed Student Volunteer Army

      G Through singing to others, The Pati Brothers and Moses Mackay found their voices and each other and are now pursuing the same dream, to make it on the world opera stage.

      G In the 1980s Mark Staufer had it all- a hugely successful radio career, plenty of money and the promise of a glittering future, but in 1990 he lost it all and headed offshore to reinvent himself.

      PGR Doctor Lance O'Sullivan believesin looking after everyone, he saw children getting seriously sick because a trip to doctor was too expensive. So he helped set up clinics to give free health checks.

      G Tauranga based mother and lawyer, Denise Arnold, saw images of Cambodian children that disturbed her so much she knew she had to do something.

      G When Meng Foon was sworn in as the mayor of Gisbourne in 2001, he was New Zealand's only mayor fluent in Te Reo. Four terms on, he's still the only one.

      PGR Jim Morunga wants to discuss suicide. It's a tapu subject but he believes getting our heads straight means we need to talk more, especially to our kids.

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