Go beneath the surface of the morally murky world of plastic surgery in Miami's South Beach with hotshot surgeons Dr Christian Troy and Dr Sean McNamara. Stream all 6 seasons of the darkly funny US drama!

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    16VLSC Set in the sexy world of Miami's South Beach, 'Nip/Tuck' cuts beneath the surface of the superficial world of plastic surgery, revealing the complexities of patients trying to hide their psychological flaws with cosmetic enhancement.

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      16VLSC Sean and Christian struggle to keep the business thriving in a failing economy. Meanwhile, Liz receives life-altering news, and Matt and Kimber seek new career paths.

      16VLSC Sean struggles with his insomnia. Christian and Kimber begin a joint business venture. A furious Liz confronts Christian.

      16VLSC Sean and Teddy make a surprising announcement. Sean discovers some troubling news about his daughter. And when a patient dies, it seems to be her own fault... but is it?

      16VLSC Christian struggles to understand a patient with anger-management issues. Meanwhile, Teddy convinces Annie to go on a camping trip with Sean and the rest of the family.

      16VLSC Matt's crime spree catches up with him, and Julia returns from New York to help in his recovery. Meanwhile, Sean learns the frightening truth about Teddy.

      16VLSC Julia's mother returns, newly married to a much younger man, and threatens to take custody of Annie and her brother.

      16VLSC Matt and Alexis Stone request unusual surgical procedures from Christian.

      16VLSC A medical consultation with Liz's friend leads Christian to contemplate his relationship with Kimber. Sean begins to heal emotionally after an encounter with a patient seeking perfection.

      16VLSC Christian's colossal financial debt leads him to deception.

      16VLSC Sean experiences an ethical and moral dilemma when asked to perform a surgical procedure on a prison inmate.

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