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Nightcap – Series 2, Episode 10

  • Series 2, Episode 10

AO Series Final: Staci pitches a movie to director J.J. Abrams; Penny begs Staci to save the show.

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Series 2, Episode 10
  • Series 2, Episode 10
  • Nightcap Episodes

      • Series 2, Episode 1

      AO New Season: The crew adjusts to its new studio next to Dr. Oz's; the network sends a new staff member, Davis Maxfield, to do the exact same job as Staci.

      • Series 2, Episode 2

      AO Alec and Hilaria Baldwin go out of their way to be empathetic when Staci reveals she had a minor cancerous mole removed.

      • Series 2, Episode 3

      AO Staci is caught being a horrible person by Juju Chang's hidden camera show; desperate to prove she's a good person, Staci gets herself in too deep when Brooke Shields pressures her and Kelly Rutherford to take part in a dangerous drinking game.

      • Series 2, Episode 4

      AO Actress Julianne Moore shadows Staci to prepare for a role in an independent film; Staci goes on an awkward lunch date with Donny Deutsch; Todd consults Barbara Corcoran and Dr. Oz about donating his body fat to Jimmy for a cosmetic procedure.

      • Series 2, Episode 5

      AO Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson arrives with his guru and inducts the staff into what seems like a cult; TV show host Michael Strahan disappoints Davis when he avoids talking about football.

      • Series 2, Episode 6

      AO Penny goes missing; Davis dupes Jimmy's longtime nemesis, Cedric the Entertainer, into making an appearance; actress Rachel Bloom and the Naked Cowboy place bets on whether Penny is dead or alive.

      • Series 2, Episode 7

      AO Actress Debra Messing gets too close for Staci's comfort, arranging a 'spa day' for the two of them in her dressing room.

      • Series 2, Episode 8

      AO TV's favourite dad Bob Saget only wants to talk about his obsession with a Japanese collectable toy; comic Carrot Top convinces Todd to capitalise on an unfortunate nickname earned after an on-air flub.

      • Series 2, Episode 9

      AO Jimmy's girlfriend, Christie Brinkley, urges him to quit the show; saving her voice for a speaking engagement, TV personality Bethenny Frankel makes Penny do her dirty work; actor David Hasselhoff tells embarrassing stories about his nephew, Marcus.

      • Series 2, Episode 10

      AO Series Final: Staci pitches a movie to director J.J. Abrams; Penny begs Staci to save the show.