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Nightcap – Series 1, Episode 2

  • Series 1, Episode 2

AO Gwyneth Paltrow turns out to be a serial thief.

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Series 1, Episode 2
  • Series 1, Episode 2
  • Nightcap Episodes

      • Series 1, Episode 1

      AO Celebrity publicist Malik needs to find a surrogate for her clients Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. Sarah Jessica Parker revisits an old connection with Staci. Bravo's Andy Cohen stops by to promote his unusual new musical game show.

      • Series 1, Episode 2

      AO Gwyneth Paltrow turns out to be a serial thief.

      • Series 1, Episode 3

      AO Whoopi Goldberg, unaware of Nightcap lice infestation, sees everyone has dreadlocks and assumes the staff is racist. Booked guest Denis Leary calls in sick, but Staci isn't having it.

      • Series 1, Episode 4

      AO Staci tries to convince a reluctant Michael J. Fox to allow himself to be shot out of a cannon on the show.

      • Series 1, Episode 5

      AO Todd tries to persuade Debra Messing to make a video in character as Grace. Tim Gunn pops by the studio claiming Jimmy asked him to make an appearance.

      • Series 1, Episode 6

      AO Everyone on Nightcap is excited to have Jason Biggs on, but it turns out he's changed a lot since last time. Beth Stern brings kittens to promote animal adoption, but one goes missing.

      • Series 1, Episode 7

      AO Transgender personality, GiGi Gorgeous, is a guest and Staci has to convince her to go on a date with Jimmy. Ana is pitching her makeup line and wants Stephanie March to be her new spokesmodel, with unpleasant consequences.

      • Series 1, Episode 8

      AO Famed chef, Mario Batali, tries to aide Staci as she struggles through a horrible bout of IBS. George Stephanopoulos schools Penny on ISIS, an organization she is worried is trying to recruit her.

      • Series 1, Episode 9

      AO Jimmy starts a GoFundMe campaign to make a biographical film, and Staci's job is to convince actor Paul Rudd to play 'Jimmy' in the film.

      • Series 1, Episode 10

      AO Season Final: Staci seriously considers leaving 'Nightcap'. Actress Mariska Hargitay agrees to be eaten by an anaconda on air.