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Neighbours – Monday 27 Jul 2015

G Kyle and Amy grow closer; Toadie and Sonya struggle with Nell's behaviour; and Paige comes under threat.

    • 26 days left to view

    G Elly suspects Steph is her rival. Gary's insecurities are getting to him.

    • 25 days left to view

    G Yashvi's deceit comes to a head. Elly leaps to the wrong conclusion about Steph.

    • 24 days left to view

    G Xanthe is caught up in Yashvi's deception. Tyler and Aaron are unaware they're being manipulated. Steph realises that Paige still cares for Mark.

    • 23 days left to view

    G Is Tyler's trust in Hamish going to backfire? Paul is losing the battle for the women he loves? Susan and Dipi face a rival.

    • 22 days left to view

    G Amy gives Paul an ultimatum. Has Leo blown his chances with Mishti? Karl's cagey about Courtney's secret talents.

    • 19 days left to view

    G Paul's actions against Nick have shocking consequences, Mishti and Leo go on a date, and what's going on at the day spa?

    • 18 days left to view

    G Paul goes to desperate lengths to protect Amy, Toadie and Sonya's hopes for the future rise, Terese is torn over whether to come clean, and how will Sheila react to being left behind?

    • 17 days left to view

    G Toadie and Sonya go rogue to stop Karl, Sheila sets out uncover the truth about Tyler's dad, and Terese can barely cope with her guilt.

    • 16 days left to view

    G How will Tyler react to Hamish? Yashvi tests her friendship with Ben, and David fears he'll lose Aaron over his actions.

    • 15 days left to view

    G Paul feels betrayed, Jack and Steph reconnect, Ben oversteps with Yashvi, and Tyler meets a mysterious stranger.

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