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Neighbours At War

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    Season 8

      • Thursday 30 Jul 2015

      AO New Season: Tonight it's a dawn chorus debacle in Owhango. Ex-cop Graham Bell has to switch on the sirens to silence the accusations flying between Karen and neighbours Colin and Cindy.

      • Thursday 6 Aug 2015

      AO Tonight, home renovation meets homophobia in West Auckland. It's a Titirangi tiz that's gone halfway round the world, as Wallace Chapman officiates our first ever international mediation.

      • Thursday 13 Aug 2015

      G Tonight, moggies are missing and some locals say there's a serial killer at work. It's got the experts baffled and the neighbours spooked.

      • Thursday 20 Aug 2015

      PGR When is a house not a house? When it's a boat... the size of a house. Neighbours timbers are shivering at the three story catamaran next door.

      • Thursday 27 Aug 2015

      AO Tonight, homebrew and moonshine have turned once friendly neighbours into bitter enemies in Avondale. Mark Sainsbury is on hand to mediate.

      • Thursday 3 Sep 2015

      AO In Otahuhu, there's grave-like excavations, ghostly stains, and rogue roots causing havoc. Radio announcer Dom Harvey sweeps in to help stop the cracks.

      • Thursday 10 Sep 2015

      AO Apartheid practices on a driveway in Auckland have led to surveillance, threats and dressing downs in the dressing gown. Further south in the naki, an attempt to go off-grid causes a lot of grief.

      • Thursday 17 Sep 2015

      PGR In Palmerston North, there's sexual tension on the shared driveway. What started as a cheeky flirtation has now escalated to X-rated accusations between two neighbours.

      • Thursday 24 Sep 2015

      PGR In Pongakawa, neighbours are fighting over the desecration of a charming local lane. While further south, Tracey's tranquil Tarawera getaway has blown up over a boundary breach.

      • Thursday 1 Oct 2015

      AO Season Final: The best of the worst: For tonight's explosive finale, we've ransacked our back catalogue to bring together a cataclysmic collage of the most unbelievable moments of the past decade.