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      • 27 days left to view

      G Karl urges Susan to take her health seriously. Steph comes to Jack's rescue. Shane and Dipi struggle with Kirsha's crisis.

      • 26 days left to view

      G Xanthe's trauma comes to a head. Susan's illness threatens to take a toll. Willow realises her presence is hurting Sonya.

      • 25 days left to view

      G Terese's bombshell ricochets through Ramsay Street. Xanthe tries to ignore her own problems to help Piper. Toadie considers a new arrangement.

      • 24 days left to view

      G What is wrong with Terese? Tensions bubble between Steph and Leo, Piper versus the trolls.

      • 21 days left to view

      G Gary stuns Terese with his drastic assumption. Paige makes a selfless sacrifice. Piper's plan of attack has unexpected results.

      • 20 days left to view

      G The distance between Sonya and Toadie threatens to widen. Is Paige destined to be alone? Yashvi struggles to learn the gentle art of romance.

      • 19 days left to view

      G A divisive figure returns to Ramsay Street. Toadie plays detective. Piper's online presence is tainted by trolling.

      • 18 days left to view

      G Terese asks Paul to keep her secret. Piper stirs up an online hornet's nest. Sonya asks Toadie to back off.

      • 17 days left to view

      G Sonya gets a guardian angel. Terese goes it alone, or does she? David's not happy with Paul helping Leo.

      • 14 days left to view

      G Paul gets involved with Leo's problem. Aaron and Mishti are given another chance at an opportunity. A new arrival at the garage leaves Ben insecure.

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