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No longer available

Unfortunately due to our rights agreement, this episode is no longer available.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 6, Episode 1

  • Wednesday 6 Sep

G Mystical ponies and their human friends defend the peaceful land of Paradise Estate from monsters.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes

Season 6

    • Monday 25 Sep
    • 13 days left to view

    G The Cutie Mark Crusaders are excited to take part in the annual Applewood Derby and they ask Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity to help them build their carts.

    • Friday 22 Sep
    • 10 days left to view

    G The Daring Do Convention is held in Manehattan and Rainbow Dash attends, but she's surprised to meet a pony who has the polar opposite feelings she has about Daring Do.

    • Thursday 21 Sep
    • 9 days left to view

    G Pinkie Pie and Rarity discover a father and daughter struggling to keep their family restaurant open, which is cause tension in their relationship.

    • Wednesday 20 Sep
    • 8 days left to view

    G Family problems arise for Fluttershy when her brother freeloads off of her parents, and then off of her.

    • Tuesday 19 Sep
    • 7 days left to view

    G Twilight and Spike must cover Applejack's farm chores while Rarity takes Applejack for a day at the spa.

    • Monday 18 Sep
    • 6 days left to view

    G When Rarity opens her flagship store in Manehattan, a tell-all article threatens to expose how badly her friends almost ruined the grand opening.

    • Friday 15 Sep
    • 3 days left to view

    G Starlight Glimmer feels sad on Hearth's Warming Eve, so Twilight tries to lift her spirits by reading her a holiday story.

    • Thursday 14 Sep
    • 2 days left to view

    G A dream comes true for Rainbow Dash when she becomes a Wonderbolt, but then she makes a bad first impression and is given an embarrassing nickname.

    • Wednesday 13 Sep
    • 1 day left to view

    G Starlight is excited when she tells Twilight she has made a new friend. At first, Twilight is happy for her student, until she finds out that the new friend is her old rival, Trixie.

    • Tuesday 12 Sep
    • 22 hours left to view

    G Spike heads to the dragon kingdom to take part in the annual Gauntlet of Fire where the winner will be crowned Dragon Lord.

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