with Passionfruit Cream and Hokey Pokey

Heather & Mitch's dessert, L&P Cheesecake.


1kg wine biscuits

500g butter

3L cream

750g caster sugar

750g condensed milk

1kg Whitaker's L&P chocolate, melted

50g powdered gelatine

3kg cream cheese

2kg passionfruit

8 lemons

1kg mascarpone

Hokey Pokey

500g sugar

500g golden syrup

30g baking soda

200g mint


1. Line the base of spring form tins with grease proof paper. Crush the biscuits in a food processor to a very fine crumb, transfer to a bowl. Add the butter and mix. Press the biscuits into the into the tins and press down firmly. Place into the fridge to set.

2. Meanwhile, mix cream cheese and caster sugar in a cake mixer until smooth. Add the condensed milk and mix well. Add the melted chocolate and lemon juice. Mix well to combine. Dissolve the gelatine in boiling water and add to the filling, give one big final mix, then pour into the moulds. Place into the fridge to set.

3. To make the hokey pokey, place the sugar and golden syrup into a pot and bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Boil for 2mins. Remove from the heat and add soda. Mix rapidly and pour onto a lined baking tray and allow to harden before serving.