Heather and Mitch's canape, Arancini


1 leek, washed and finely diced

1kg carnoli rice

2L chicken stock 

50g porcini powder

250g sliced prosciutto, diced

250g mascarpone

250g Lewis Road creamy butter

250g parmigiana reggiano

50 chived, finely chopped

20g salt

20g black pepper

1 lemon

1L Kewpie mayonnaise

50g Italian parsley, finely chopped

6 eggs

1kg flour

1kg Panko crumbs

Canola oil


1. To make the rice start by sautéing the carnoli and leek in a large pot with a drizzle of olive oil over a low heat. Add stock and bring to a simmer. Continue to cook over a low heat until the rice is al dente. Add the powdered porcini and prosciutto and mix well. Finish with butter, mascarpone, cheese and parsley. Adjust seasoning and allow to cool.

2. Then roll into balls. Proceed by rolling in seasoned flour, then seasoned egg mix and finishing in seasoned Panko crumbs. Set aside in the fridge. Deep-fry until golden brown to finish. Serve with lemon mayo and chopped parsley.

3. To make the lemon mayo, mix the juice of one lemon with the kewpie mayonnaise and season.