Episode 10: Grand Final

Chris and Bex went head to head with Heather and Mitch in this year's Grand Final. 

Each duo presented four dishes, to a full house at Auckland's Gusto at the Grand. 

Both teams pulled out all the stops, impressing the ex-contestants and VIP judges alike.

Chris and Bex were crowned this year's winners, beating Heather and Mitch by five points.

Conrgratulations Chris and Bex!   

Chris and Bex, 2017 MKRNZ champions.

Episode 9: Semi-final

The remaining three teams faced the biggest challenge in the competition yet - catering for a wedding. 

Teal & Sophie, Chris & Bex and Heather & Mitch all produced a three-course menu for 80 guests. 

Heather & Mitch and Chris & Bex both received impressive scores of 18/20 from the judges. 

Sadly, Teal & Sophie only received 14/20, dashing their hopes of a spot in the Grand Final.

Episode 8

Heather and Mitch faced off against Jaryd and Ben in the second round of Sudden Death. 

Jaryd and Ben had a stressful night in the kitchen. 

They finished with a total score of 43, no match for Heather and Mitch's 61.

The boys were sent home, meaning Heather and Mitch progress to the semi-finals. 

Episode 7

Tash and Hera went head to head with Chris and Bex in the first Sudden Death elimination round.

Both teams presented impressive menus, and the scores were neck and neck. 

Chris and Bex came out on top, with a total score of 76, over Tash and Hera's 74. 

Sadly, it meant the Rotorua besties were eliminated, but they're proud of what they achieved. 

Episode 6

Heather and Mitch stepped up in the final Instant Restaurant round. Their competitive score 75 meant they were safe.

Unfortnately for Charlotte and Maddie, it meant they were sent home in the first elimination.

Meanwhile frontrunners Teal & Sophie received a special advantage, they were fast-tracked to the finals!

The leaderboard after Episode 6, the final Instant Restaurant round.

Episode 5

Chris and Bex came in with a respectable score of 70, not quite enough to knock Teal and Sophie off the top though! 

The leaderboard after Episode 5.

Episode 4

Unfortunately, Charlotte and Maddie's creative menu didn't quite deliver. They're sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard with a score of 54.

The leaderboard after Episode 4.

Episode 3

Teal & Sophie have jumped to the top of the board, with an impressive score of 77.

The leaderboard after Episode 3.

Episode 2

Jaryd & Ben have crept in with a respectable score of 56. Not enough to put them in the lead though!

The leaderboard after Episode 2.

Episode 1

Tash & Hera have set the bar pretty high with a total score of 67!

The leaderboard after the first episode of MKRNZ 2017.