Pete Evans is a man of many talents. He’s gained an allegiance of fans since hosting My Kitchen Rules in Australia from 2010, and is a respected chef, health coach, entrepreneur, author and father. 

His personal mantra is “cook with love and laughter” and that’s exactly what Pete wants to see from the new crop of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand contestants when he returns to the judging seat for season four. 

In recent years, Pete’s love of fresh, healthy and organic food along with his passion for nutrition and wellbeing has influenced his recipes and cooking style, and he’s now a health coach qualified through New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Pete’s hugely popular healthy eating and wellness program, The Paleo Way, consists of an online health program, a television series, national speaking tours and now ready-made meals. 

In late 2017, Pete released his 16th cookbook titled Low Carb, Healthy Fat.

As Australia’s number one selling author of healthy cooking and lifestyle books, Pete is dedicated to educating people about nutritional food and wellness. 

His latest project is the award-winning documentary film The Magic Pill, which shows the impact food can have on people’s health. 

Pete loves his family, the ocean, surfing and maintaining his own healthy lifestyle.

He relishes in all New Zealand has to offer and has enjoyed travelling throughout the country in his downtime during filming for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. He’s been riding a few waves, catching a few fish and getting to know the locals in Waiheke Island, Dunedin, Wainui, Gisborne, Taupo and Raglan.

What can we look forward to in MKR NZ 2018?
A lot of great food as well as great entertainment.

Are you excited to be back in New Zealand? 
I’m very excited to be back to New Zealand. We had an awesome time last time we were here filming and were treated very well by the locals. This year I’m looking forward to more of the same: as well as some great food, I’ve also been fortunate enough to catch some great waves too. You guys have got some of the best food in the world and some of the best waves in the world. 

What is your advice for the Kiwi contestants this time around?
Stick to what you know and what you love to cook. Manu and I are not after fancy food, unless that is your style, what we’re after is delicious food cooked with love. So whatever your style is, stick to that, don’t change it for us. 

What are your top three kitchen rules?
Cook with love, remove inflammatory foods and celebrate organic produce.

Can you remember the first dish you ever cooked at home?
I do remember making an omelette as a kid which was a lot of fun.

Yourself and Manu are at the kitchen sink after dinner… who washes and who dries?
I would wash up.