This year, we’re spicing things up.  

It’s going to be the biggest dinner party the country’s ever seen, and everyone’s invited.

Get ready for that classic MKR flavour, with a few surprises along the way. Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet aroma.

What's the same?

1. There will be an Instant Restaurant round. Of course! This is the bit where you get to know all the cooks. They get to express themselves, show off their talents, and you get to pick your faves! 

2. The cooking will be on point. The competition is fierce this year. Every single contestant is eager to share their talents and impress the judges. Each team has an individual flair, and something special to bring to the table. 

3. It will be served with a side of drama. As always, there will be some heat in the kitchen. We’ve got some big personalities waiting in the wings, to keep that dinner banter interesting. 

4. There's some surprises in store. It wouldn’t be MKR without some twists and turns. So grab the snacks and get your game face on. 

What's different?

1. Some newbies are coming to the party. We’re super excited to have Pete and Manu on board as judges! Likewise, they can’t wait to see what New Zealand’s home cooks have to offer.  Tune in to see some other famous faces this season too!

2. We've upped the ante. This year the prize (along with the coveted MKR title), is a whopping $100,000. Enough to make one team’s food dreams come true. 

3. There's only six teams. Rather than the usual twelve which, let's face it, can be a little confusing at first. Instead we’ve handpicked the best bunch of cooks from all over the country. Which means... 

4. It will be short and sweet. This season there are only ten episodes. So the pressure is on the teams to make an impression! No second chances, no room for mistakes, and no Kitchen HQ. 

So get fired up! My Kitchen Rules New Zealand starts Monday 25 September, at 8pm on TVNZ 2. 

Watch the Season 3 trailer here, and learn more about the contestants here