MKRNZ's youngest contestants, Charlotte & Maddie.

It came down to the wire in the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand

Auckland students Charlotte and Maddie lost by 2 points, meaning it was time to say goodbye. 

The girls were the youngest in the competition, but what they lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm and creativity. 

They served up an inventive menu in their Instant Restaurant, but they had a stressful time in the kitchen. 

Receiving a total score of 54, they were sitting dangerously at the bottom of the leaderboard


All eyes were on Christchurch foodies, Heather and Mitch, the last team to cook, therefore determining who was eliminated. 

The outspoken duo pulled off a sophisticated menu, impressing both the judges and the other contestants

They shot up the leaderboard, with a competitive score of 75, sealing the fate of Charlotte and Maddie.


The girls have an infectious zest for life, that was evident throughout their time on the show. They'll be missed! 

Manu said, " Thank you so much for bringing a breath of fresh air to the competition. It's been great to have you, and we wish you all the best for the future." 

Being part of the show was "a dream come true" for Charlotte and Maddie

"We've learnt so much, and got to meet some pretty amazing people along the way. Being able to cook for Pete and Manu was something I will always remember. I feel very privileged to be given such an opportunity," said Maddie. 

Charlotte adds, "our journey has come to an end sooner than we would have liked, but this is not the end of the Charlotte and Maddie story. It's the beginning. My passion for food has only grown. Watch this space!" 

The girls look forward to what the future holds. 


The remaining teams will have to pull out all the stops to impress the judges now, going head to head in sudden death elimination rounds! 

My Kitchen Rules New Zealand continues Mondays at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2. Watch the latest episodes right here.