MKRNZ contestants, Ben & Jaryd.

Auckland duo Jaryd and Ben were the third team to leave My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, after the second Sudden Death cook-off. 

Christchurch foodie friends Heather and Mitch won by a landslide. They scored 18 points more than the boys, who scraped a disappointing 43 out of 90. 

It was an important night, and the heat was on, as always. 

Each team served up a three course meal for the judges, the remaining two teams, and some of New Zealand's sporting elites. Liam Malone, Mahe Drysdale and Sarah Walker were among the VIP guests at the table. 

It wasn't exactly smooth sailing for either of the teams. However, it was clear from the start that Jaryd and Ben were struggling with the time pressure. 

As the evening went on, things steadily deteriorated. When the time came to plate up dessert, the boys' custard hadn't set, and it seemed their fate was sealed. 

Manu said he had high expectations, and was disappointed by the dishes served by both teams. 

The VIP guests scored Heather and Mitch an impressive 8 out of 10, but gave Jaryd and Ben a dismal 5.

Although their dishes lacked seasoning, Heather and Mitch received a total score of 61. 

When the judges started scoring Jaryd and Ben's dishes, it was clear they wouldn't be able to claw back enough points to win.

Manu said their main ingredients didn't really go together, and Pete described their dessert as a "warm milkshake." 

With that, the boys would leave the competition. 

Jaryd and Ben brought fun and good banter to the show.

Manu said, "it's always great to see a team that puts in 110%, and you did that. Even though you're going home tonight, I think you should be really proud of yourselves. I love your friendship, sportsmanship and bromance. It's been a pleasure to have you around." 

They took the judges feedback on board, and had high hopes the second time around. They wanted to show everyone what they're capable of, and were disappointed with their performance. "We know we can cook a lot better than the dishes we put up, and we had ambitions to go a lot further." 

"It's safe to say that we're never going to talk about custard again in our house," they joked. 

MKRNZ continues next Monday at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2, now heading into the semi-final round.

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