MKRNZ 2017 contestants, Tash and Hera.

Workmates Tash and Hera have been friends for five years. Working together every day as marketing co-ordinators has made them inseparable. 

Their passion for food developed along with their friendship. 

The larger than life pair have a zest for life, and they cook with aroha. 

Their mantra is "too blessed to be stressed", which will help steady their nerves as they battle it out for the title. 

Why did you apply for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Tash: I have a love and passion for food.

Friends and family have pushed me for years to apply for something like this, and the time seemed right.

I can’t imagine a better person to do this with. Cooking, for Hera and me, is in our DNA.

What's the best thing about your cooking partner? 

Hera: Tash finds the positive in any sticky situation, and has my back 100 per cent.

What's your food philosophy?

Tash: A good cook is a cook that cooks with love.

We like to concentrate on whanau favourites. A fusion of Maori flavours with a modern and contemporary twist.

What do you think your chances of winning are?

Hera: We believe we can win My Kitchen Rules. That’s why our motto is “too blessed too be stressed”!