MKRNZ 2017 contestants, Heather and Mitch.

Heather and Mitch have the MKR title in their sights. These foodie friends live, breathe and sleep good food and good wine.  

They love nothing more than impressing a room with their culinary creations.

This outspoken duo is in it to win it.

They have every confidence that their cooking will outshine the rest, but how will they stack up against the competition?

Why did you apply for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Mitch: Heather and I have a passion for food, and love entertaining.

It’s an unwritten rule that if we turn up to our friends’ houses, Heather and I end up doing the cooking! 

What is your cooking style?

Mitch: Modern Kiwi cuisine with a twist.

What do you think the other contestants will make of your cooking?

Heather: Our cooking style is potentially a little different to most.

We are going to be showcasing some food that may be polarising to some, but we love it.

What's the best thing about your cooking partner?

Mitch: Heather is loyal, dedicated, passionate and fun.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to team up with!

What do you think your chances of winning are?

Heather: I love picking other people’s food apart, because I think I can do it better.

To the other contestants I’d say watch yourself. We’re coming for ya. Beware!