MKR NZ 2018 contestants, Pat & Wilz

Pat and Wilz are charismatic cousins, and they do everything together.

Pat's a small business owner and a father of four, and Wilz is a home carer.

They both love to take things to the next level – doing it all with style and grace!

Showcasing an innovative take on traditional Maori cuisine true to the East Coast and delivered at restaurant quality, the guys believe they have what it takes to come out on top in the competition.

They’re all about using in-season produce, and believe that Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) provides everything people should be eating. 

The cousins dream of inspiring and educating others - showing that cooking is not a chore but an activity that’s fun, uplifting and a positive experience in the home.

The life and soul of any party, Pat and Wilz have their eye on the prize and are happy to butter up the other teams in a strategic bid to further their chances in the competition. But will it work?

Why do you think you were selected to represent New Zealand in front of Pete & Manu?  

Pat: We represent the heart of the kitchen – the laughs, the love and most importantly the care of others when it comes to catering.

What are you most looking forward to showing the New Zealand public?

Wilz: I’m looking forward to showing off our personal style, charisma, love of cuisine, our family, supportive community and our culture. 

Why did you partner up with your teammate for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Pat: Wilz is my cousin and we have been on many adventures in life together like brothers, so doing MKR NZ together was a no brainer.

What’s the best thing about your cooking partner? 

Wilz: He knows how to put on a show!

Pat: Wilz says things that I would never say and I like that. Wilz is also the leader in the kitchen as he has had a lot more experience than myself.