MKR NZ 2018 contestants, May & Enna

Not a day goes by where this energetic pair don’t see each other, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In Chinese culture, food and cooking is a way to bring family together, and family means everything to the girls.

Their best memories centre around the dinner table, making and eating great food.

Cooking is in their blood. Enna’s late dad was a chef and taught her how to cook Cantonese food from a young age.

The girls are hugely passionate about food which has led them to experiment and create Western-Asian fusion dishes - representing who Enna and May are, first generation Kiwi-Asians.

This talented team learnt many of their skills working alongside their families in takeaway shops, but they won’t be serving up your typical fast-food fare. They believe food should taste as good as it looks so the girls are out to impress in the competition.

Why did you apply for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Enna: I thought it was a great chance to showcase our heritage. Our parents worked in takeaways and my father worked in various Chinese restaurants – it was only natural for me to carry on his legacy.

Why did you partner up with your teammate for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

May: I partnered with Enna because we’re a strong team. We’re really close, we own a side business together and have had similar upbringings. Cooking has always been a part of our lives from a young age. With that, I thought we could handle any challenges My Kitchen Rules New Zealand would throw at us.

What’s the best thing about your cooking partner? 

Enna: May’s chilled, I rarely see her stressed. I on the other hand, get stressed easily or my mind runs a million miles per hour.

What do you think your chances of winning My Kitchen Rules New Zealand are?

May: We’re going to win MKR NZ through sheer hard work. That’s what we’ve been taught growing up, and that’s what’s going to get the winning result.