MKR NZ 2018 contestants, Liam and Eden

Liam and Eden love having a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously, but they are dead serious about winning My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. 

Plumber Liam applied for MKRNZ to support his daughter’s food dreams. His dream is to help Eden accomplish hers.

Their hunter gatherer cooking style sets them apart from the other teams. They love to go fishing and hunting and embrace raw foods, while utilising everything mother earth has to offer.

Eden learnt her cooking skills from her Dad, but she’s the boss in the kitchen now.

Combining an “old-school” approach with “young and fresh” ideas could make them the ones to watch in the competition. 

Why did you apply for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Eden: Cooking and raw baking has always been a hobby that I love, and experimenting with new flavours and products keeps it interesting. I knew that if I made it onto MKR NZ I could really turn my passion into a career.

What’s the best thing about your cooking partner?

Liam: She is my daughter so I know her pretty well. Eden is very determined and loves to have fun!

Why did you partner up with your teammate for My Kitchen Rules New Zealand?

Eden: I chose my Dad to go on the show with because he’s literally my best mate. We get along so well and I knew that he would help keep me level-headed in the kitchen. I also knew I’d have a hoot of a time with him.

What’s your cooking style?

Eden: I’m all about the raw foods and using everything that you can grow. 

Liam: And I hunt, fish and dive. Hunting and gathering is what we are all about.

What do you think your chances of winning My Kitchen Rules New Zealand are?

Eden: With my knowledge of newer products and techniques, and Dad’s more traditional way of cooking, hell yeah we can win!