This year we're only two weeks behind Australia, so your guesses are are good as ours! 

What we know:

1. The doorbell will ring, multiple times. And there will be screaming, every time.

2. The greatest love story of all time, AKA the bromance that is Pete and Manu, will continue. And it will be adorable. 

3. Food will be served, redardless of its quality. 

4. The table banter will be the highlight, as is often the case among restaurant-goers. 

5. There will be a nice team, a mean team, and a "we'll do anything to win" team.

What we don't know:

1. Who the rumoured mystery judge will be. Fingers crossed for Gordan Ramsay! Imagine him and Manu having a face-off. 

2. Who will suffer the inevitable MKR meltdown, and who will come out on top. 

3. What freaky-deaky cooking techniques we'll be exposed to. Then we'll totally pretend we're going to try it ourselves. 

4. Who will be painted as this year's 'villain.' That one we love to hate (even though we don't always admit it openly.)

5. WHY contestants continue to make ice cream, when it's almost always a recipe for disaster.