Fancy hosting your own Instant Restaurant? 

Here's some quick tips to impress your guests and keep your stress levels low.


SPICE UP YOUR STARTERS with a drizzle of olive oil, or a dipping sauce on the side.

MAXIMISE YOUR MAIN with a sprinkling of fresh herbs, some parmesan crisps or a twist of black pepper. 

DAZZLE YOUR DESSERT with a dollop of mascarpone, some fresh fruit or a sprig of mint. 

Remember: SEASONING is key.

  1. Be prepared – Try to cook at least one of your dishes ahead of time. This will make life easier on the day, and avoid a last minute flap.
  2. Plan ahead – Think carefully about your timing and make a plan. What oven/element space will you need and when?  
  3. Keep it simple – Choose dishes that you're comfortable and familiar with. Don't go attempting a complex recipe if you've never made it before.
  4. Go seasonal – Plan your dishes around produce that's in season. You don't want to get to the shops and find your key ingredient isn't available!
  5. Be informed – Check in with your guests, in case they have any special dietary requirements. You want to avoid any last minute changes to your menu.
  6. Find a balance – have variety in your courses. For example, don't serve the same meat or the same side in more than one course.
  7. Pretty it up – Set aside some time for plating and garnishes, presentation can turn a simple meal into a masterpiece.
  8. Relax! – Be a gracious host. You don't want to hide away in the kitchen all night, only to emerge flustered and distracted. The atmosphere is just as important as the food!   

Can't remember what goes where? Use this handy diagram as a guide.