MKR contestants Stuss & Steve

“I met Stuss over 20 years ago, when he started going out with my sister. We became very good mates,” Steve says.

“It doesn’t matter what life throws at him. He gets back up with a laugh and a bad joke.”

Stuss is a “don’t worry, be happy” kinda guy. He describes brother-in-law Steve as a “fair dinkum Indiana Jones”.

“I’m a State Archaeologist for Queensland, and it’s an absolutely amazing job,” Steve explains.

“I’ve got a bit more of a regular job,” says Stuss, who comes from a hospitality and restaurant background.

“My wife and I run our own corner store and I love it. I eventually want to turn it into a café and sell traditional Greek food.”

Stuss, who has been cooking since he was 17, is always the number one caterer for their family get-togethers.

The two dads are also keen campers, and love cooking together around a camp fire.

“I’ve always known the basics but I didn’t really get into cooking until I met Stuss,” says Steve. “He’s a great Greek cook and I’m a good offsider.”