MKR contestants Stella & Jazzey.

Some people are going to think we're young, dumb and not serious about food,” Jazzey says. “But they can think what they want because we’re going to come in and BAM!”

“We’re really serious about this competition,” Stella confesses. 

“I think out of all the teams we’ve got the most to prove,” Jazzey admits. “We’ve got a lot to prove to other people, but also to ourselves.”

The colourful young besties, who met during singing class, describe their food as “simple but nailing it.”

“We love cooking modern Australian,” Jazzey says. “But we also just love experimenting with food, mixing and matching different cuisines.”

“I’m frothing to cook for Manu,” she adds. “It’s like a dream come true.”

Stella warns that the pair use their own lingo, so prepare yourselves for such beauties as “moshy” (emotional), “cocky” (cocktail), “reso” (restaurant), “sweet muff” (sweet muffin), “FAJ” (fresh apple juice) and “’onny” (honest).