MKR contestants Roula & Rachael.

"We are on fire and together nobody can stop us,” says Rachael. 

She met Roula 18 months ago, when they both worked at the same real estate agency.

“We became really good work friends and that carried on outside of the office into our hobbies,” she explains.

“I’m a dance instructor and we both love hip hop.”

“Hip hop channels my inner gangster,” says headstrong Roula. “I’m loud and I’m vocal.”

The fiery friends want to bring the party to MKR but make no mistake – their aim is to win.

“We have very high standards,” Rachael confesses.

“Our food is the bomb,” adds Roula.

“I will not put any bad food on the table. My family call me the psycho in the kitchen ‘cause I can’t tolerate anyone in there when I’m doing my thing.”

“We fight,” Rachael admits. “Then three seconds later we’re best friends again.”

“That’s how we roll in life, we just get our groove on,” Roula says. “Everyone is going to love us, how could you not!”